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Case Studies

Weapon Platform: C-17

  • Application: Landing Gear
  • Device: SCD – EP1810  Erasable Programmable Logic Devices
  • Customer
    • Crane Hydro Air, a subcontractor for Boeing
    • Delivered a specific programmation, unique to C-17 application
  • Contract Vehicle/Funding
    • Design/Prototypes - Demo device funded by DLA
  • Benefit to Program
    • Eliminate system redesign due to one part obsolescence
    • Provided long-term production support


Weapon Platform: Bradley, F/A-18, F-15,  F-22, C-17

  • Application:  Multiple- Bradley turret positioner, F-22 ejection seat, etc...
  • Device: SMD - 5962-9052201PA
  • Customer(s):  US Army, Lau Defense Systems/Vista Controls, Northrop,
                     Teledyne Controls
  • Contract Vehicle/Funding
    • Design/Prototypes
      • DLA
  • Benefit to Program: Averted Bradley production and repair line shutdown


Weapon Platform: B-2

  • Application: Develop wafer fabrication processes and arrays to provide GEM solutions for rad hard requirements
  • Customer:  United States Air Force
  • Contract Vehicle/Funding
    • Cost share DLA/B-2 Program
    • MILSVC
  • Test Results
    • For the dose rate test, no upset, latch-up or burnout was observed through the highest levels tested
    • For total dose all samples were through 1Mrad (Si)  
  • Benefit to Program: U.S. Trusted source of microcircuits meeting rad-hard requirements for B-2


Weapon Platform: F-15

  • Application:   Airborne computer
  • Device: Custom MIL-STD-1750 type microprocessor
  • Customer
    • Air Force, Boeing, BAE
    • Joint development with Boeing
    • Implemented 3 custom chips with one AME ASIC
  • Contract Vehicle/Funding:
    • Design/Prototypes – Cost share DLA/F-15  Program
    • Production – Direct contract to SRI
  • Benefit to Program: Eliminate hardware and software redesign